Cost variations occur when your chosen contractor has to use fixtures or fittings that vary from the tender they bid against. When the design decisions have just been left to the architect’s plan, which are vague to the extreme, then these occur all the time. In fact we estimate 30% of your original budget is the AVERAGE overrun cost due to these variation charges. Sadly it is how a lot of contractors make their projects more profitable.

By detailing your design specification down to the smallest details before you put the work out to tender you virtually eliminate the scope for these extra charges.

The efficiency of the build will be far higher simply by making the design decisions at the beginning. And if those tenders all come back too expensive then we can perform ‘value engineering’ on the entire specification, finding savings and recommending the best compromises to get the greatest value out of the build process.

Let’s not lose sight of the ultimate benefit however, a beautifully designed home, the place that you live ‘just working’ for your day to day, and special occasions.