For any new build or major refurbishment there are hundreds of design decisions that need to be made to bring the project to completion. Unless you proactively take charge of these decisions they will be left to the last minute, or perhaps even taken completely out of your hands as the contractors and tradesmen have a best guess at what might work.

We will bring your choices to life with 3D CAD drawings so you can get as close to seeing the finished interior as is possible.

Once you’ve signed off the design we create construction quality drawings for the contractors to tender from and for the tradesmen to follow during the build. They not only follow industry best practice and regulations but go beyond that to the practical considerations that are so often forgotten.

Unlike almost every other build, nothing is left to luck. Every item, design and layout is tightly specified in clear instructions for the contractors. And it’s created before the tender is even made, so there is no question about what’s included and what isn’t. The design you choose is what you can be sure will be delivered.