What is Architectural Interior Design?

You don’t build a house every day. In fact for those who have the privilege of this amazing opportunity, it’s usually just a once in a lifetime experience.

So how do you know what you need to do? It’s not something you want, or can afford to learn through trial and error. Getting the process wrong can be very expensive and put you at the mercy of suppliers and contractors. Ultimately it may mean the home you build doesn’t live up to your original aspirations.

Our Architectural Interior Design service works with you, usually before the contract has even gone out to tender, to optimise the layout of your rooms and furniture, and to help you choose and tightly specify every single fixture and fitting decision. Our dedicated studio features over 50 different design areas including electrical and lighting, staircases, wardrobes so that you don’t have to run around to different suppliers. We bring the best fittings available to one place so you can compare options, get our advice and make a stress free and considered decision.

The result is a home whose interior is beautifully thought out and consistent throughout, while virtually eliminating cost ‘variations’ from contractors as they are bidding against a completely finished final specification.