As anyone who has tried to redesign their own interiors knows, getting it right, so that it all works together and gives the results you imagined, is a challenging process. The cost of getting it wrong is not only financial, but you have to live with the daily frustration of a home that ‘doesn’t quite work’.

Professional interior designers bring together experience and education to be able to create luxurious and chic interiors, making the most of the latest in contemporary design. At MiCasa our team are all experts at what they do, and keep up to date with the latest trends and products by extensive ongoing research and visits to leading design shows across Europe.

We take the time to understand how you live in your home, your aspirations for a room, how you want it to feel as well as how you use it. You benefit from a holistic approach from the outset – how does the lighting scheme enhance the room, give it more shape? What architectural features will improve a room’s ambiance or give it some extra ‘wow’ factor? These factors and many more go into the designs we create for you, taking your desires and combining them with our expertise to find a solution that is ‘just right’.