Warm Living Room Ideas – How to Make a Room Cosy

10 October 2017

Warm Living Room Ideas – How to Make a Room Cosy

The crackle of open fires, that tell-tale chill in the air… Autumn is certainly here. With the colder nights comes the desire to crank up the heating – but is there anything you can do to stave off this temptation for a little while longer?

Here are some of our favourite warm living room ideas to help you create that cosy living space that’s so enticing at this time of year.

Inject some colour

It may sound obvious, but accents of deep reds and burnt oranges can immediately bring warmth to a room.

But before you reach for the paintbrush, a palette of neutral colours with just a pop of these stronger shades, delivered through curtains, rugs and throws, can create the desired effect.

Layer your textures

When it comes to bringing warmth to a home, textures are equally as important as the colours you choose. Think soft and welcoming furnishings and fabrics – and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

A hard-wearing hessian rug, leather couch and soft, lambs wool throw can all co-exist quite happily together. In fact, when used correctly, layered textures can actually warm your room.

Create a cosy nook

Believe it or not, your seating arrangements can make or break the cosiness of your living room.

An L-shaped sofa, or two couches turned toward one another, implies intimacy and togetherness. These are spaces to curl up in. The addition of throws and cushions only add to this impression.

Think Scotland and Scandinavia

When it comes to décor, take your inspiration from cooler climate countries such as Scotland and Scandinavia – they have cosiness down to a tee.

Knitted fabrics, tartan prints and button-back sofas can instantly provide that cosy cottage feel, creating a space that you’ll just want to hunker down in.

Bring some Hygge to your home

While we’re on the topic of Scandinavia, the Danish concept of Hygge (pronounced hooga) is key to creating a warm and welcoming haven.

The Danes are great believers in creating a space which exudes comfort – think soft lines and edges and natural, earthborn fibres. Line your walls with reclaimed wooden shelves for your books.

Warm lighting

Bring in warmth from above with soft and inviting overhead lighting. To create a soft, golden-hued lighting scheme, use pearl, soft tone bulbs rather than clear bulbs – you’ll be surprised by the difference it can make.

Also, a reading lamp nestled in the corner of your room can transform the space into a warm and cosy reading nook, as well as providing some low-level lighting to the room.

Install an open fire

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a quick fix but the addition of an open fire or wood burning stove in your living room can instantly make a house a home.

If you live in a period property, chances are you already have a working fireplace. Arrange for a chimney sweep to clean your chimney before you proceed. If you live in a modern home without a functional chimney stack, you can still create the illusion of an open fire by lighting candles in the space where your open fire would be.

For more expert advice about making a house a home, get in touch with one of our designers at Micasa.

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