Arola House, Northwood

Arola House is the jewel in our crown. It’s a stunning showcase of our very best work and is the epitome of what we can offer. Every room makes a statement: from the gorgeous kitchen to the exquisite bathrooms there’s a fantastic design stamp in every space. 


It took imagination, painstaking research, experience and hard work to bring this ambitious creative vision to life. Its inspiring architecture, construction, interior architecture, specification, tiling and other unique interior design features were all handled by our team. 

In many ways Arola House is an extension of our showroom. It demonstrates what your completed home might look like – something a mere showroom cannot reproduce. The interior is bespoke architectural detailing at its very best. Everything from the wardrobes to the lighting has been carefully thought through to create a stylish and cohesive home.


Walt Disney once said “if you can dream it, you can do it”. This statement sums up our whole approach to design. Arola House is a unique residence and its uncompromised quality flows throughout. Above all, however, it’s a very liveable home. The ambiance is warm, welcoming and universally appealing.    

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