National Developer, Shanly Homes

Working for major national developers like Persimmon and Shanly Homes requires a great deal of research as well as creative flair. We make sure we know the local market inside out and produce stunning interior design that sells multiple properties.

Understanding the buyers, as well as the latest trends, is crucial. We know exactly what modern buyers find appealing and how to make a property look spectacular. The home featured here is just one example of the many properties we’ve brought to life.

All our show homes flow throughout and create exactly the right ambiance for the target market – whether that’s families, singles or professional couples. Large developers can rely on our ability to attract specific people in a specific area, and meet their practical needs as well as impressing them with pure aesthetics.

We often make homes stylish by adding something a little different – such as chic European furniture or unusual artwork – items that buyers aren’t going to see every day. This drives sales by making homes appear extra special.

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