Private Client, Northwood

Crafting this large 11,000 square foot home was a challenge we relished. The house had to be suitable for a variety of purposes: relaxation, family time, formal entertaining, casual entertaining, and children’s playtime. Our task was to wrap up these distinctive areas into a cohesive home that flowed throughout.

The discerning client came to us with strong ideas about how she wanted her home to look. Her vision for the home was a very eclectic mix of design ideas but she was struggling to know how to make the ideas flow and come together. Our task started with extensive research to develop her concepts into tangible designs and products. Given the scale of the project, all of our Interior Design team worked together to source all the items, bring everything together and make her dream home a reality.

Our team quickly grasped this vision. We explained what was possible and what would complement the property’s architecture. Because every home is different, certain features will integrate better than others.

Collaborating closely with the client throughout, we spent money cleverly to create stunning spaces without breaking the budget. The result was a unique, beautiful and liveable home full of style and personality.

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